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The Self-Assessment Platform

Assessment Box is a white label self-assessment platform that allows you to create branded online self-assessment tools



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Branding: Use your custom URL, Logo and colours


Multiple Question Types: Add your own questions


Scoring: Set your own scoring criteria

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Analytics: Analyse trends in responses

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List Building: GDPR-compliant data capture of users of your tool

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Export & Integration: connect to your existing database and export results

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Save & Continue: Allow people to save their assessment midway through to complete later


Signposting: Provide tailored resources based on people’s combination of answers


Guidance: Include collapsible examples and hints next to each question


My Results: Allow people to see, save and print their score at the end


Benchmark: Allow people to benchmark their results against other people’s

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Distance Travelled: Allow people to complete the assessment multiple times



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Increase YOUR Completion Rate

  • Remove the barriers to completion. No more spreadsheets and PDFs to download.

  • Mobile responsive self-assessment tool that people can do at their convenience on mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop.

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Nurture Client Relationships

  • Gather data about your existing clients and potential ones

  • Visibility of result data gives you the opportunity to continue the conversation by providing your expert guidance and advice

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Acquire Richer Insights

  • Understand the trends in your industry

  • Support your claims with anonymised data from people who complete your assessments



Assessment Box is a flexible self-assessment tool designed to give you the tools to bring your vision for self-assessment to life.

Developed in response to a desire from clients to have their own bespoke self assessment tool, Assessment Box marries impressive functionality with intuitive usability.

Assessment Box is competitively priced and comes with setup support, training, customisation and ongoing maintenance.



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