Our Team

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Matt Kepple

Founder & CEO

Matt believes that if you iterate, anything is possible. He has a talent for making good causes accessible to the mass-market. As a university student he created award-winning campaigns to drive fair-trade purchases and child sponsorship which won the recognition of Channel 4. He worked in advertising on the agency and client side devising and running campaigns for clients such as Vauxhall, McCain and World Animal Protection. He created behaviour change campaigns while working at the government’s COI department (a precursor to the ‘nudge unit’), co-founded the Commission for Youth Social Enterprise and was made a UK Social Enterprise Ambassador. Matt co-founded the Youth Funding Network with Annabel and others in 2008

Annabel Dickson

Co-founder & COO

Annabel thrives in the conversation between staff teams and funders, in experimenting with new approaches to effecting social change but in a lean, smart way to minimise risk. She has a keen eye for detail and an innate curiosity around how people engage in social change from both sides that has led her to co-found an award-winning crowdfunded grant-making organisation. Through her work there and at a local spin-off, sparking over £150,000 worth of new donations she has worked closely with founders, trustees, staff and volunteers at charities and social enterprises whose work has spanned the breadth of the sector. Annabel was chuffed to be one of the founding members of the World Economic Forum Global Shapers London Hub.

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Anand Soni

Lead Developer

Anand is a software engineer with 4 years experience. His main development language is Ruby on Rails however he has worked with javascript, html, css, java and android programming. He uses Amazon AWS and heroku for deployment. He has worked as a team leader managing 7 developers. He is proficient at managing internal and external clients, as well as overseeing the workload and delegating tasks to his team. Anand uses an agile methodology. In addition to coding, Anand is passionate about health. On the side he has developed a health platform which provides tips on how to recover from various illnesses using traditional medicine.

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Katy Fuller

Impact Catalyst

Katy is a recent MA graduate from Leiden University. She lived in The Netherlands and Ghana while completing her degree in African Studies. She is especially interested in accountability and transparency in aid and development. Katy is interested in other global issues such as the environment, human rights and global politics which means she’s in a fantastic position to work with our charities across the sector.

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Pedro Valle

Impact Catalyst

Pedro recently joined the Makerble team as an Impact Catalyst. He is passionate about finding ways to apply scientific methods and technology to the social challenges that nonprofits face day to day. Pedro has collaborated before as event commissioner with the European Space Agency (ESA) and in research projects at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). He combines his background in physical science and project management to make sure the platform provides everything our charities need and being one step ahead of their demands.

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Ryan Opila

Impact Catalyst

Ryan is a university student working towards a BS in Integrated Marketing Communications from Ithaca College. He has also taken courses on climate science with the School of International Training in Iceland. Before coming to Makerble, Ryan worked in conservation and marketing consulting for nonprofits. He is actively involved in charities that focus on sustainability, migratory rights, and youth mentorship. His focus here is on sharing Makerble with charities online and offline as much as he can!

Nashwan Nouri

Android Developer

Nashwan is absolutely passionate about android development and currently volunteers as an IT tutor at Peabody Trust. He is interested in online games, and cyber security and studies Computer Science. At Makerble Nashwan looks after the development of our Android App.