Making Metrics Matter

When it comes to driving change in business, metrics matter but too often they are sidelined by the loudest voice in the room. At Makerble we give everyone on your team access to real-time unambiguous performance data that enables you to agree on smart decisions and hold each other accountable. With everyone on the same page you can spend more time driving growth and less time debating unsubstantiated points of view.

Our Approach

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1. Viewing your strategy through a Change Process lens

We work with you to join the dots between

  • the Activities you do,

  • the Engagement you expect

  • the resulting changes in how people think; be it their attitudes, knowledge or otherwise that should change as a result of the touchpoints they connect with. We identify data points, proxies and surveys that can inform metrics these at scale.

  • the changes in Behaviour your project is ultimately targeting. This includes clearly defining the baselines and numerical targets for each behaviour.

  • the increase in Revenue or other quality metric which was the reason for the strategy for the first place.

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2. Project & Department Dashboards that keep everyone informed

  • Unlimited bespoke metrics that reflect the unique way you do business

  • Real-time progress dashboards based on both

    • Automated data synchronisation from your existing systems e.g. CRM, ERP, Analytics software

    • Manually-entered data e.g. project updates

  • Notifications when progress falls behind target

  • Collaboration tools: comment on progress, identify insights and share ideas in a structured manner


3. Facilitated Quarterly Reviews to reflect, re-examine insights and reprioritise

  • We analyse the insights from your previous quarter

  • We review the discussions on your dashboards that have happened ahead of the review

  • We prepare a presentation of your previous quarter’s results from an objective perspective

  • We facilitate a workshop to decide the way forward and where necessary bring in additional specialists


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