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What We Cover

  1. Beneficiaries: deciding which additional fields do you need to include on your beneficiary registration forms, e.g. demographic groups or other information

  2. Outcomes: if you already have outcomes for your project, we will add them to the system. If you don’t, we can spend a short amount of time identifying what they could be.

  3. Questions & Indicators: importing any of your existing survey questions and outcome indicators into Makerble. If you do not have any survey questions or indicators, we can create a set that you can start with during the call.

  4. Users: deciding who will be using the system and who will be answering surveys. Surveys can be answered by independently by direct and indirect beneficiaries or you can sit with them and treat your surveys as assessments.

  5. Frequency: deciding how frequently you want each of your surveys to be answered. Reminders can be activated based on these frequencies.

  6. Storage & Privacy: setting the rules for which users will have access to which beneficiaries and levels of personal data so that you are operating within the frameworks of the GDPR.

  7. Reports: identifying which funders and internal audiences (e.g. senior management, partners and trustees) need access to reports and dashboards about each project.

The Express Setup will provide you with a working knowledge of how Makerble works. You will have access to our library of training videos and during your 28 day trial will be on-hand to help you and your colleagues make the most of Makerble Impact Hub.


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