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Testimonies, worship songs, sermons, scripture art to browse and share

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Start your day with a healthy dose of testimonies, worship songs and faith-inspired content from friends, pastors and churches you choose to follow


Want to step up your game, pray more, read more and share your faith more? Turn on Friendly Reminders to help you become more of the person God designed you to be


My Story…

I grew up in church and led a small group whilst I was at uni. I was surrounded by my christian friends and found it easy to stay in my faith routine of waking up to pray and read my bible.

But when I graduated I found myself getting distracted by the pressures of work and life in general. In other areas of life I saw the emergence of apps like Fitbit to help you stay on top of your fitness or sleep trackers, health trackers and food trackers; and I figured that for something as important as my faith, it deserved at least the same level of attention from a technology and innovation point of view as physical fitness.

So that’s why I have repurposed my company’s technology and used it to create the faith coach. Hopefully now anyone can find it easier to stay on top of their faith and give it the priority in their life that they know it should have but sometimes find hard to give.

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Get Involved

My team and I are still building a working prototype for the faith coach and we would love you to get involved and help shape it!


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Please pray for this project. Pray that it will be shaped the way that God wants it to be shaped and that the right partners will come onboard.



Sign up to use faith coach and please provide your feedback. Feedback is vital so tell us what you love, what you hate, what concerns you and everything in-between.


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Tell your friends about faith coach. And if you’d like to become more involved in terms of promoting it, e.g. being a campus rep at your university, college or school, let us know.


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Talk to us about

  • Creating a group for your church within faith coach.

  • Adding your sermons to faith feed

  • Offering pastoral support via faith coach.


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Talk to us about

  • Sharing your music via faith coach

  • Using faith coach yourself and adding your own personal tips and testimonies to inspire and encourage other people



Talk to us about

  • Sharing anecdotes from your books as Tips on faith coach

  • Providing links so people can buy your book after if they find your Tips helpful


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You’ll receive an email invitation to test faith coach once it’s ready for the next phase of testing. You’ll also hear updates on the development of faith coach as we get closer to launch.

Your Involvement

Or reach out directly. Email me on or call 07950 421 815