Setup Process

Most organisations follow this process to Get Started (Phases 1 & 2) and begin making the most of Makerble (Phase 3)

Getting Started Phases Makerble.png

We have a network of trusted partners who can help you with each phase

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Get Started

You can choose to work with our In-house Team at Makerble or with one of our partners.

Each partner has their own sector specialism and geographic reach. Choose the partner you would prefer to work with or give us a call on +44 (0)20 8123 6253 to discuss your requirements.

Costs & Timescales

Setup Costs

Each of our partners has their own fee structure but you can expect to pay around £400/day for the support required to take you through the setup process. The number of days required will vary dependent on the complexity of your work e.g. the number of funders or commissioners you need to report back to and the number of projects you have. You will need to buy a Makerble Subscription to use the technology itself. Pricing is here.

Setup Timescales

If you only have one project that you want to start tracking on Makerble, we could have you setup in less than a day. The time it takes for setup largely depends on the availability of your colleagues who will be involved in the steps of the setup process.

Self-Service Setup

If you are confident in your ability to set the system up by yourself, you can simply buy a Makerble Subscription to use the technology and Get Started on your own terms.