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Getting Started

First and foremost, Makerble is a social network. Once you're in you can explore the projects, follow those that interest you and eventually donate to the ones which inspire you the most.

How It Works:

  1. Create your free account on
  2. Visit the Explore page:
  3. Browse the project pages
    1. Follow the projects that interest you
    2. Press Give To This to start donating to the ones that inspire you
  4. Gift Aid: If you are a UK tax payer, you can optionally add Gift Aid to your donation at no extra cost to yourself
  5. Newsfeed: As the projects get up and running they will share updates with you of their progress. You will see these stories in your Newsfeed whenever you go to your My Home.
  6. Profile: Makerble automatically itemises your impact for you. Whenever you visit your Profile page, you will see the number of impacts that have been made on the projects you're supporting since you've been donating to them.