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When you need to use your resources to their fullest potential, we give you the insight tools to navigate those decisions and increase Value For Money.


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Identify the gaps in the data you collect

Most organisations only measure what they do and whether success is happening. We identify your black box metrics that tell you why success happens so that you can optimise for it in everything you do.

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Take a holistic approach to data collection

Data often sits in silos when today’s technology makes it easier to bring it together than ever before. We organise your data collection processes so everyone understands who collects what data, when, how and why.

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See the trends and risks hidden within your data

Sometimes the answers we need are right in front of us, but we don’t know where to look. Our dashboards make it easy to spot relevant insights that act as early warning systems or lightbulb moments that drive innovation.

We work with clients across all three areas or just one. Talk to us to find out how we can help you unlock potential and achieve greater value for money.



We help organisations identify the success factors which cause beneficiaries on their programmes to achieve positive outcomes. Then we enable those factors to be systematically measured so that a higher proportion of people enrolled on programmes go on to achieve the full set of outcomes. We blend these measures into a comprehensive data collection framework and provide you with all the technology, integrations, training and support to embed data maturity across your organisation.



Marketing campaigns live or die by the consumer insights that fuel them. Our research approach gets to the heart of the preconceptions, misconceptions, fears and barriers preventing prospects from becoming customers. Our technology allows you to continuously collect ethnographic data giving you a pipeline of insight about your audience. Then we work with you to make sense of the data and workshop the insights into actionable campaign ideas your creative team can take forward.

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It’s becoming increasingly reported that a focus on diversity and representation on their own are not enough to unlock the business benefits of a more inclusive workforce. Inclusion is required but inclusion relies on behaviour change. We enable organisations to identify inclusive behaviours, measure them at a staff level and design programmes which embed those behaviours across the organisation.


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