A reporting platform that adapts as you grow

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Intelligent Reporting only on Makerble

Reports which automatically adapt to changes you make to the systeM

Now you no longer need to worry about expensive modifications to your system whenever you need to change or start a new programme, service or contract. Makerble’s inbuilt flexibility means that your reports automatically adjust as your organisation evolves.

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Malleable Metrics: the ability to create your own metrics, edit existing ones and assign them to projects and contacts


Intelligent Reports with column headers that automatically update whenever you add new metrics to your account

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Intelligent Dashboards that instantly display all the metrics you use to everyone who needs to see them

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Intelligent Charts that dynamically adjust based on the fields you add to your contacts and projects

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Intelligent Progress Bars which move magically whenever you add new targets or new progress


Intelligent Forms which update globally across your account whenever you add, edit or remove fields

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Data which is easy to put in

  • Works on tablets as well as computers and mobiles

  • Post updates directly from your home screen

  • Tag contacts, service users and beneficiaries instantly

  • Enter progress for anonymous groups of people

  • Add your choice of attachments to contact records

  • Back-date your updates whenever you need to

  • Import data from other systems via upload or using API integrations which synchronise data

And easy to get out

  • Segment your data by user, project, time span, age range, gender, ethnicity or any grouping - demographic or otherwise - that you use on your account

  • Print your charts and report pages

  • Download charts to save in separate documents

  • Export data to view in different systems

  • Synchronise data by integrating with other software

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report on EVERY outcome

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  • View an interactive version of your Theory of Change directly on your Dashboards

  • Add your own outputs, outcomes, indicators, metrics and survey questions


  • Split data demographically

  • Compare data for different projects, programmes and services

  • Filter by time, date, author, location and any other customisable field you choose

input data from anywhere

  • Distribute surveys directly from your Dashboard

  • Store case notes, client data and beneficiary information directly within your Dashboard

Why delivery organisations and funders love Makerble

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