Introducing Makerble

Bring all your participants, projects, monitoring and evaluation together

Makerble has the familiarity of a social network and the flexibility of a powerful database

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Watch our 8 minute video tour of Makerble and discover how it works for your delivery team, fundraising & communications teams, beneficiaries and funders.

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Makerble gives you the flexibility to track any kind of outcome and a friendly interface which people actually enjoy using

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An interactive Theory of Change

Every project on Makerble displays the real-time progress you are making towards the difference you want to make in the world, whether that's measured with outcomes, indicators, outputs or other goals.

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A friendly Newsfeed and menu with Notifications

When you sign into Makerble you are greeted with a newsfeed of updates from your colleagues and beneficiaries. All of your progress dashboards are a click away and notifications alert you of relevant news.

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Organise your work into Projects and Bundles

Add your colleagues and beneficiaries to each project that they are involved with. Group your projects into Bundles - have a Bundle for each of your funders, programmes, locations you work in.

As a technology platform we are responsive to the suggestions of our clients. If there's a feature you want that we don't currently have, tell us and we will prioritise building it.