Our impact services enable organisations to be the best they can be. We work with organisations at every stage of the Impact Maturity curve.

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Improve the way you measure impact

  • Level 1: streamlining reporting

  • Level 2: applying best practice to impact measurement

  • Level 3: continuous evaluation to learn from and maximise impact

  • Level 4: using your impact data to grow your revenue

Align staff with the organisation’s mission

  • Taking staff and programmes on a journey to reconnect with the organisation’s mission

  • Identifying goals that the organisation can be proud of

  • Light-touch measurement that complements data you already collect


Download our Impact Robustness Scale

  • Contains hints and tips on how to improve the way you measure your impact

If you are a commissioner or funder, we have specific services to help you manage the impact of your portfolios.

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Matt Kepple | Founder

+44 (0) 7950 421 815

Matt has worked with organisations large and small to help them report on their impact. He has worked across the spectrum of impact measurement including created Theories of Change and writing surveys through to devising structures for new databases that keep track of service users.