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Unlock student self-motivation

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How It Works

Step 1. Codify your curriculum into a set of SKILLS

  • Add new Skills to the platform

  • Set competency levels for each skill

  • Add explanations for each competency level and skill

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Step 2. Add micro-lessons to each part of the curriculum

  • Create bite-size practical tips for each competency

  • Enable learners to add their own bite-size tips for each competency

  • Add pictures, videos, external links and text descriptions to each bite-size tip

Step 3. Learners create their own personalised boards

  • Each learner chooses the Skills they want to practice

  • Those skills are added to their personal board

  • Learners log each time they practice each skill

  • Learners receive notifications when new bite-size tips are added

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Learning that becomes embedded

Whether you are looking for a Virtual Learning Environment, Community Of Practice or a more sophisticated way to track and encourage learning, Trackerble is a powerful technology platform that combines the familiarity of a social network with tools that enable people to manage and share their learning.


Empower Practitioners

Are you running training programmes which seek to change culture and behaviour?

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Makerble Learning is a digital platform that brings your learners together to share their own best practice and lessons learned with each other.

Influence Practice

Or do you have a repository of evidence and best practice which you want to share?

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Makerble Learning enables you to organise your knowledge into digestible chunks called “Tips” which are easy to discover, share and adopt by practitioners within your sector

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Create a community of practice for peer-learning

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Each learner has their own personal profile showing the progress they are making towards turning each of your learning objectives (Skills) into a habit.

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You can set the curriculum and allow people to contribute their own stories of success, lessons learned, mistakes made and best practice tips.

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Our technology platform and our accompanying support packages are highly customisable to ensure that they meet your requirements.

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Our Approach

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  • We work with you to organise the things you want your learners to learn in chunks that are bitesize and therefore measurable.

  • We look for for the specific Skills which you want your learners to embed.

  • We can optionally create Levels within each Skill so that learners can judge their progress in each Skill in detail.


  • We populate the platform with the initial content that is required for people to start using it.

  • We incorporate your preferences around topics such as editorial control.

  • If there is bespoke functionality which you require, we will build it into the platform at this stage and deactivate modules within the platform which you do not require.


  • We work alongside you to run a Festival Of Ideas during which we affirm to your learners that they already know more than they think they do and that we want them to share their expertise and rate other people’s. At the end of the month-long Festival Of Ideas is a showcase event celebrating the expertise shared. This kickstarts use of the platform

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Flexible Modules



1:1 and 1:Many conversations between learners, tutors and admins



Arrange your curriculum using topics, themes, learning objectives and skills



Set, submit and score assignments. Provide feedback as comments



View the tips, stories and learners on your platform on an interactive map



Allow learners to login with Email, SMS, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and more



Differentiate between crowdsourced content and content you endorse

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Three challenges with communities of learning

We recognise that building communities of learners is not easy which is why we intentionally designed our platform to overcome these common challenges:

  1. Learner Engagement: how do you keep learners returning to the platform time after time? Would it be better to use a Facebook Group or WhatsApp Group?

  2. Quality Control: how do we ensure that crowdsourced best practice is structured in a way that is easily understandable to other people?

  3. Openness & Honesty: how do we encourage learners to share examples of when things have not worked well?

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The Makerble Difference

We have incorporated Positive Feedback Loops and Gamification into Makerble.

These make learners feel emotionally rewarded for engaging in the platform and gives them intrinsic motivations to continue.

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Meet The Team

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Matt Kepple worked in consulting, market research and advertising before running an education programme for a nonprofit focused on engaging disenfranchised young learners. Matt’s programme results set new internal benchmarks.


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Annabel Dickson is able to draw on her experience as a coach, working with clients to overcome obstacles related to motivation and perseverance. Annabel has worked across a range of charitable causes from homelessness to climate change.


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