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Keep everyone in the loop without compromising privacy

Makerble gives you a Contact profile for every person and stakeholder you work with. So whether you are providing deep one-to-one support to individuals, influencing individual MPs or rescuing animals, you can monitor the progress being made at the individual level.


  • Control who can view and edit each contact

  • Decide which specific pieces of information can be viewed about individual contacts

  • Comply with GDPR by uploading evidence of consent to store their data online


  • Bring all the updates about one contact together in one place

  • See which colleagues have worked with a contact

  • See which projects and services a contact has used

  • See the outcomes being achieved


  • Tailor the forms you use to collect data about each contact

  • Add and remove additional fields whenever you want

  • Apply customisations at a project level or across the entire organisation