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All your reporting requirements in one place

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the collaborative evaluation platform


How It Works


  • Create an Impact Profile for each of your projects

  • Create your own outcomes, indicators and outputs or add ones from our library

  • Digitise your Theory of Change and save it as a template to reuse on other projects

  • Browse other template Theories of Change

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  • Assign each of your projects to the one or more funders who are funding it

  • Each funder will be able to add that project to one of their Grants Portfolios (e.g. “2018-2021 Children’s Grants Programme”)



  • Each of your project has its own Impact Profile

  • Match each of your funder’s desired outcomes to the outcomes you are already using or add them as new ones to your project

  • Answer additional questions sourced from each funder’s reporting form

  • Report once each quarter

  • Import progress data from software you already use

  • Or use Makerble Contacts and Makerble Surveys day-to-day to update your project Impact Profiles automatically



Surveys online via email and offline

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Data Entry by staff or volunteers


Self-Reporting by service users

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How Your Organisation Benefits

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Spend less time duplicating information to meet bespoke reporting requirements from each funder

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Opt-in to allow funders to discover your work and invite you to apply for grants based on your project Impact Profiles


Organisations We’ve Worked With

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The Makerble Suite

Discover tools you can use to grow your charity

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Report once. Update all your funders.

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Makerble Projects

REPORT YOUR progress

  • Create Impact Profiles for all your projects

  • Add colleagues to your projects

  • Choose your own outcomes, outputs and indicators

  • Report to all your funders at once

  • Set a variety of targets

  • Add unlimited Project Updates

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Makerble Contacts

Keep all your contacts in one place

  • Unlimited Contacts

  • Keep unlimited notes about each contact

  • Add tags, pictures, attachments and unlimited fields to each contact

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Makerble Surveys

know what people think

  • Create your own surveys

  • Or choose from ready-made surveys

  • Allow people to respond anonymously

  • Or link responses to individual contacts

  • See changes in responses to linked contacts over time

Are you a funder?