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Now everyone can regularly report on progress

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the collaborative evaluation platform

If you struggle to get colleagues and partners to provide programme updates in time for your reporting deadlines, we have a solution.

Makerble Projects lets you create simple reporting forms which your team can use to provide numerical, qualitative and rich media updates on the programmes they work on.

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How It Works

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Choose what you want people to report on for each project:

  • Outcomes

  • Indicators: scales, numbers and binary

  • Outputs

  • Attachment fields for pictures and videos

  • Text fields for specific fields and anecdotes



  • Admins can change your project’s settings

  • Reporters can only post project updates

  • Observers can only view project updates

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Team members can:

  • Tag contacts in responses

  • Or enter anonymous figures for each metric

  • Attach pictures, videos

  • Add file attachments

  • Add text

  • Backdate their update

  • Add locations



  • See updates

  • Tag updates

  • Comment on updates

  • Like updates

  • Share updates via social networks

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Free for everyone

charities, social enterprises and community groups

Combine with other Makerble Apps


  • Tag individual contacts in progress updates

  • See each contact’s journey through all your projects

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  • Link surveys to multiple projects

  • Compare results of one survey across different projects

  • Share surveys between projects

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  • Give each project team member their own Personal Progress Board showing only the metrics that they are personally responsible for

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The only evaluation platform designed for collaboration from the ground-up

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  • Share service users between projects, teams and organisations

  • Share surveys and outcome assessments

  • Share stories and anecdotes with funders, managers, colleagues and the public

  • Share progress with donors

  • Share outcome progress between organisations

  • Share theories of change

  • Create and share surveys between organisations - Share evaluation findings

  • Share your Impact Profile

Additional Services


Theory Of Change: Workshops & Consulting

  • Setting your Strategy for Impact

  • Outcome Discovery

  • Identifying Indicators

  • Data Collection planning

  • Setting survey questions


Evaluations: Research & Reports

  • Primary Research: focus groups, interviews, surveys

  • Desk Research and Data Analysis

  • Consultations with partners

  • Report writing


Service Design & Iteration: Consulting

  • Audience Insight

  • Ideation Workshops

  • Prototyping, piloting and testing

  • Feedback Loops and revisions