The Impact Maturity Programme

Improving your organisation’s Impact Maturity will enable you to create impact faster. We will work with you across the four phases of Impact Maturity.

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Most organisations start here. You are busy delivering one or more projects but you are under pressure to report back to your funders. You are using spreadsheets, documents and people's individual memories to keep track of your progress. 

Where Makerble technology helps

  • Collect anecdotes from your team members about the difference they have heard your projects make to people's lives

  • Upload each of your funder's monitoring requirements and collect progress data against their outcomes, indicators and outputs directly on Makerble

  • Provide your funders with their own dashboard showing the stories, pictures, videos and statistics about the projects they have funded

Where our consulting partners can help:

  • Helping you get setup

  • Helping you make sense of all your funder outcomes and reporting requirements


STAGE 2: apply best practice

Your organisation is at a stage where you want to be proactive about your impact measurement rather than being reactive in response to funders.

Where Makerble technology helps

  • Create your own bank of outcomes, indicators and outputs phrased in the way that suits the impact you create

  • Use Templates to rapidly apply similar sets of outcomes to multiple projects

  • Standardise your surveys and the pre- and post- assessments you do with people who participate on your programmes (participants, (beneficiaries, clients)

Where our consulting partners can help:

  • Provide workshops which help you understand your theory of change, outcomes and indicators

  • Write your surveys

  • Analyse survey results to dig for insights



As an organisation your portfolio of projects is well-established. You have a culture of collecting data but you want your impact data to be influencing programme design and for your team members to truly evaluate and learn from each project's impact.

Where Makerble technology helps:

  • Allow colleagues to view anonymised impact data of projects within your portfolio

  • Enable your colleagues to share their own Ideas, Best Practice, Insights and Observations (Tips)

  • Enable people to comment on each other's Tips and build up your own organisation's library

Where our consulting partners help:

  • Provide evaluation workshops for your staff, volunteers and beneficiaries to reflect upon the impact you have made so far and generate new ideas for the future

  • Provide consulting and workshops to design and redesign your programmes so that they are setup to deliver maximum impact



Your organisation has a wealth of stories charting the impact it makes. Now you want to communicate that impact with the world and receive the increase in funding that your work deserves.

Where Makerble technology helps

  • Selectively share your Makerble Stories publicly on social media, your website and your newsletters

  • Add Follow and Donate buttons to your Project Pages to cultivate new monthly donations

  • Enable your projects to be discovered by Funders that use Makerble

Where our consulting partners help:

  • Run workshops and provide consulting which give you a strategy for converting your web visitors, supporters and followers into regular givers

  • Provide consulting to create messaging about your work that resonates with your target market and reaches new audiences.


Meet the team available to support you

Our Client Services team will help you assess where you are on your Impact Journey and decide which of our associate consultants is best placed to support your organisation with Setup Support

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