Meet Our Implementation Partners

In the majority of cases our in-house team will get your charity setup on Makerble and using it to its full potential. However there are occasions when we prefer to work with external partners whose additional expertise can help you make the most of our platform. Each of these partners can help you implement Makerble. 

Red Pencil logo.jpg

Using Makerble for Marketing, Fundraising and Strategy

Red Pencil

Red Pencil specialise in marketing, fundraising, brand and communications. They can help your fundraising team think through how to incorporate Makerble into the nuts and bolts of your existing supporter journeys. Red Pencil also have an organisational development practice. They help teams within charities use Theory of Change from an internal strategic perspective to become more effective and efficient. Makerble fits in as the data collection platform to track the extent to which those teams are operating strategically.

social qual logo makerble.png

Using Makerble for Qualitative Research, Evaluations and Impact Assessments


Social Qual are experts at using qualitative research methods to understand the difference that charities make. If you are a funder, they can evaluate the grants you have provided by getting your grantees and their beneficiaries to use Makerble as a continuous evaluation tool - capturing stories, anecdotes and progress towards outcomes in real-time from the frontline. And if you are a charity, they can solve your data problem by setting up your projects on Makerble, helping you create a Theory of Change and coaching your staff to use the platform to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of your work so that whenever you need to submit a funder report or evaluation, the majority of the data is available at your fingertips. ranging from focus groups to ethnography and immersion, online qual, depth interviews, case studies, segmentations and personas.

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Using Makerble alongside your CRM


Richard Collings has decades of experience in designing IT systems for charities working with an array of beneficiaries and stakeholders. He can help you think through how to integrate data from Makerble into your existing CRM and how to fit Makerble into your existing workflows and processes.