Measure every outcome, indicator and output

Software that gives you the flexibility to adjust the way you report your impact

Whether you are retraining young women, rescuing animals or restoring artwork, the underlying principles of deciding your programme’s outcomes, indicators and outputs are consistent. Our Impact Tools enable you to create a logic model based on your Theory of Change and see your progress towards impact in real-time.

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Impact experts that give you the confidence to demonstrate your impact

We are available to work alongside you at every stage of the impact measurement process

Becoming familiar with impact reporting is a journey which takes most organisations several years. We avoid confusing jargon and work with you wherever your starting point is.

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Technology meets Advice

We combine advisory services with robust technology so that you end up with a solution for your programme which works from start to finish

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A logical approach to creating logic models

Take a no-nonsense approach to thinking about your Theory of Change

  • Think of short, medium and long-term outcomes as changes in how people think, how people behave and what people have

  • Focus on demonstrating the changes that your programmes make to people’s knowledge, attitudes, experiences and behaviour

  • Draw on evidence to infer the long-term outcomes that your work is achieving

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Data Collection that is robust, yet proportionate

You can prove your impact with a manageable level of data

We work with you to:

  • Identify relevant indicators

  • Add those indicators to your programme pages on our software

  • Setup your surveys

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Beautiful Impact Reports which are easy to automate

Our software simplifies your admin so you can focus on your mission

Our tools give you various ways to communicate your results:

  • Calculate distance travelled

  • Calculate Value For Money your way, e.g. SROI, Social Value, Economic Impact, etc

  • Export Data

  • Create dashboards for each grant and funder

Organisations from a variety of causes have used our tools to unlock the potential of their programmes

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