We purposefully designed Makerble to feel like a social network. The benefit is that it feels instinctively familiar to the people that use it, whatever their background or organisation.

Makerble is one software platform made up of several highly customisable components. Here are just some of the components you can tailor to meet the needs of your organisation.

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Collaborate on projects.png

Collaborate on projects

  • On Makerble, everything you work on is a project. You might otherwise call these things Services, Programmes or Campaigns.

  • You can add unlimited Colleagues to your project and each of you can publish Updates on the progress being made. These updates appear on the project’s Timeline.

Track individual beneficiaries.png


  • Every person, client, beneficiary, patient, pupil, animal or organisation you work with has their own participant record

  • Build your own forms and add your own fields

  • Manage who has access to which participants. GDPR compliance built-in

  • Record data for anonymous participants whenever you need to

  • See the progress for each participant in one place whether that is across multiple cases, services, projects or campaigns

  • Generate reports showing the current status of all your participants

Collect survey results.png

collect survey results

  • Design your own surveys on Makerble

  • Browse our library of template surveys

  • Build your own questions

  • Allow respondents to complete surveys online

  • Import historical survey results

  • Manually enter results from paper surveys

  • See your survey results in context with your strategy so you know the extent to which you are making progress towards your desired attitude and behaviour changes

Analyse progress towards outcomes.png

analyse progress towards outcomes

  • On Makerble you can customise the metrics you track. These can be KPIs, Outcomes, Indicators, Outputs, Time or Budget Spend.

  • Arrange your metrics to reflect your project’s strategy; be it the customer journey, supporter journey or beneficiary journey

  • Each project and project bundle has its own dashboard displaying a live view of progress towards metrics

  • Share dashboards with colleagues, funders and commissioners

  • Makerble automatically generates and charts reports showing your progress over time and demographic splits

  • Accept monthly donations and one-off gifts in multiple currencies

  • Give donors their own personal Impact Profile showcasing the impact they have helped make possible during the time they have been donating to you

  • Donors can share your impact stories with friends through their own social media accounts

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share ideas

  • As well as sharing Updates on progress, you can also post Tips containing Ideas, Insight, Feedback, Failures, Lessons Learned and Suggestions.

  • Tag your Tips to specific outcomes and demographic groups

  • Receive context-specific notifications of new Tips that are relevant to you based on your current progress on your projects

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