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Introducing the best deal for the charity sector: Synchronised Billing

With Synchronised Billing on Makerble, as long as a grantee's project or entire organisation has a paid for Live Impact Profile, nobody else across the sector needs to pay again to track the impact of a grant to that project or organisation. It means that once a funder pays for a grantee to use Makerble, the funder can be confident that the grantee can use Makerble to manage all their other projects and reporting requirements to other funders. And when a grantee is able to pay for Makerble themselves, they can be confident that it will not introduce any additional costs to the Funders they already have.

Finally a reporting solution built with the needs of the sector in mind.

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Track grants to organisations with a turnover above £50k: Pay with Synchronised Billing.

When a grantee...

  • already uses Makerble: Pay Nothing Extra
  • does not use Makerble and you are therefore buying one for them: Pay To Track The Grant: Prices begin at £10/month and are tiered in line with the grantee's annual income

Track grants to organisations with a turnover below £50k: Pay a Flat Fee.

  • When your grantees already use Makerble: £10 flat fee
  • When your grantees do not yet use Makerble and you are therefore buying it for them: £10 flat fee

To enable every organisation to experience the benefits of Makerble, we allow organisations with a turnover below £50k to apply for a 1 Year Free Pass. So instead of charging those organisations to use Makerble, we simply charge you their funders a flat fee of £10 per Organisation/Grantee.

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pricing FOR charities


For organisations with a turnover less than £50k: Apply for a 1 Year Free Pass

For organisations with a turnover above £50k: Pay per Project or per Organisation

For setup and training costs as well as pricing for our additional Client Services, take a look at our Detailed Pricing for Project Charities.

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Your contribution to Makerble's investment in marketing the marketplace

When you receive a donation on Makerble from someone new who discovered you through our Marketplace, rather than charging you an acquisition cost of £120 which you would pay for new donors found through techniques like street fundraising, you simply pay for the online transaction which is priced at 5.4% + 20p of the gross donation meaning that on a £10 donation with Gift Aid, you receive £11.66. This enables us to further reinvest in the marketing of the marketplace and maintaining a healthy pipeline of potential new donors whom we can introduce to your projects.