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Behaviour change is at the heart of creating impact. Work with us to measure the extent to which behaviour change is happening and impact is happening. Fuelled with this insight you can iteratively adapt your programme to achieve the change you want to see in the world.

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How we work in three stages

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Stage 1: Identify ‘Black Box’ Metrics

What are the hidden unmeasured metrics that drive success and value for money?


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Audits that assess your current approach

  • We use the Impact Maturity model to identify where you are with your approach to measurement

  • We do this by reviewing your existing reports, metrics, surveys and processes

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Outcome Discovery workshops with staff, volunteers, clients

  • The purpose of these workshops is to surface the unexpected outcomes that your programmes achieve which you have not been measuring to date

  • We use Theory of Change, Customer Journey Mapping and Process Diagrams to highlight your hidden metrics

  • Frontline staff typically have more expertise than they realise so we involve them in the process of identifying hidden metrics

  • These workshops are designed to be accessible so that staff at all levels feel able to contribute by sharing their insights and observations about what makes your work, work.

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Primary Research with each set of stakeholders

  • Stakeholder Mapping

  • Focus Groups

  • Interviews

  • Surveys


Outcome Frameworks that demonstrate change

  • Theory of Change development

  • Creating logic models

  • Agreeing short, medium and long-term outcomes

  • Identifying the barriers to impact being achieved and creating a strategy that overcomes them

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Stage 2: Data Collection

How do you put robust measurement frameworks into practice?


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Identifying Indicators which illustrate impact

  • Setting quantitative numerical metrics, e.g. people rehomed or money saved

  • Creating qualitative scales which enable Distance Travelled to be calculated

  • Deciding a frequency at which each indicator should be collected

  • Building a bank of indicators and setting the terms for which indicators are relevant in each scenario

  • Definitions and criteria for each indicator and threshold

  • Identifying sensitivities to be aware of when collecting certain pieces of data

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Technical Guidance on collecting & storing data

  • Data flow and process diagrams

  • Identifying and designing appropriate data collection systems

  • Integrating data from multiple sources into local and global-level dashboards

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Designing mutually enjoyable data collection experiences

  • Data collection does not need to be dull

  • We can redesign your onboarding assessments so that they continue to capture the essential information whilst feeling relevant and insightful for the person providing their information

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Embedding feedback loops

  • Create a culture of iteration

  • Internal comms campaigns to show the value of feedback loops

  • Training sessions which show the benefit of a ‘fail fast’ iterative approach


Streamlining programme management

Beautiful programme management tools

  • Makerble Impact Cloud is a Management Information System with an intuitive design and the ability to connect with other tools

  • It is powered by a PostgreSQL database hosted in the cloud, accessible anywhere

  • The user interface is easy to use and is designed to feel like a social media platform so that staff find it familiar from the outset and easy to use

  • You can change the settings yourself without incurring additional costs. Add new indicators, programmes, forms, fields or users whenever you want

  • Store unlimited beneficiaries, case notes, programmes, dashboards and data

  • Cluster your work by Programme, Country, Funder, Theme or anything else


Enabling remote data collection

Collect data offline and on-the-go

  • Makerble Impact Mobile is an Android app which runs on mobiles and tablets

  • It works offline so you can still collect data even without an internet connection

  • Conduct surveys

  • Register new beneficiaries

  • Store and retrieve case notes about each beneficiary

  • Post progress against activities, outputs and indicators

  • Upload pictures, videos, audio files and other attachments


Data sharing by participants

A branded portal for your participants

  • Trackerble is a white-label platform that lets your beneficiaries or customers track their own progress against the metrics you provide

  • Show service users limited views of the data you collect about them

  • Empower your service users to keep track of their own progress

  • See detailed analytics into the behavioural trends of your service users and customers


Self-assessment user journeys you control

A Self-Assessment portal for participants

  • Assessment Box is white-label platform for creating survey/assessment-based user journeys

  • Create your own self-assessment tool with your own URL, logo and look & feel

  • Custom Scoring

  • Display guidance and examples to support completion

  • Allow people to save and continue their self-assessment later

  • Fully customisable to meet your requirements

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Stage 3: Reporting & Insight

How do you report, learn and iterate at speed?


Impact Analytics Dashboards

  • Integrate with existing CRMs and databases you use such as CiviCRM, Salesforce, Dynamics

  • Report on your impact in real-time

  • Create dashboards for different funders and departments which automatically collate impact from multiple projects, services and campaigns

  • Import results from surveys and assessments into the platform

  • Change your settings, metrics and dashboards as your organisation evolves without incurring additional charges


Human Centred Design

  • Workshops to unearth insights from your data

  • Human Centred Design methods to rapidly prototype new solutions

  • Apply to Service Design to reshape the way beneficiaries engage with you

  • Apply to Marketing to change the way your audiences think about you


Communities Of Practice

  • A digital platform can give new life to the expertise within your community of practice

  • Enable everyone in the community to easily post examples of best practice, lessons learned, research and more

  • Set moderation rules to distinguish between information you endorse and information shared by members of the community

  • Allow members to track their own progress towards embedding the skills that your community of practice champions

  • Rich analytics dashboards show you the extent to which the behaviours you champion are being embedded

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