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Connect the Strategy to Everyone

Employees - Customers - Investors - Suppliers - The Board

Companies fail when engagement becomes noncommittal. Makerble is a technology platform that unifies customer insight with employee behaviour to ultimately drive revenue and accelerate innovation.

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  • Identify the Attitudes and Behaviours your brand needs to cultivate in consumers through your Customer Journeys
  • Connect your analytics and insight tools to see trends across the entire customer lifecycle
  • Collect data directly using Makerble
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  • Identify the Attitudes and Behaviours critical to business success that your HR policies, processes and initiatives need to cultivate across the workforce
  • Drive staff performance, productivity and retention by visualising, quantifying and recognising the difference every employee makes
  • Collect and distribute feedback directly within Makerble
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  • Identify opportunities for innovation by spotting the Attitudes and Behaviours not being catered to in the lives of your target audiences
  • Build an evidence base for every new venture
  • Track the true commercial impact of every venture by analysing the shifts in loyalty and advocacy that occur across your customer base.