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Connect every penny to the difference it makes

The smart way to change the world

Have you ever wondered where your money goes when you donate to charity? Makerble Smart Donate was created to solve that specific problem. Now you can change the world with confidence. Find out how!

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explore our library of projects

  • We have partnered with respected local organisations around the world to bring you their projects

  • Many of our projects are ongoing pieces of work that are creating an impact day in day out

  • Browse the history of stories posted to the project and connect with the people behind the project who are making change happen on the ground.

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donate as much or as little as you like

  • On Makerble we care more about the impact of your donations than the amount of money you give

  • To help you choose an amount you can afford, we created a Lifestyle Checkout that displays donations in prices you can relate to, e.g. "the price of a cappuccino a month" (rather than "£3/month")

  • Optionally add Gift Aid to your donations at no extra cost to you.

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get real-time notifications of the impact being made 

  • Our partners commit to provide regular updates on the impact being made.

  • Those updates automatically appear in your newsfeed and on your personal profile page.

  • We never share your contact details with our partner organisations unless you want them to contact you. We allow you to donate with privacy.