Impact Measurement Starter Package

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Impact Measurement Starter Package


Impact Measurement does not need to be complicated. The Impact Measurement Starter Package provides organisations with the support to report on impact robustly. The Starter Package is suitable for small charities and is based on a day long workshop by the end of which your organisation will have:

  • Pragmatic and robust survey questions which enable you to prove your impact

  • Access to an easy-to-use online system to store survey responses from each beneficiary

  • Training in how to use an online system to track your impact

  • Free on-going support and customer service to use the online system whenever you need it

Whilst the Impact Measurement Starter Pack is based on a day long workshop, it can be tailored to your organisation and if you have a variety of programmes you may decide that a longer period of support is required which we are happy to provide.

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We promise to not bombard you with jargon. Impact measurement does not have to be complicated. We will work alongside you so that you end up with a firm understanding of what your impact is and how you can prove it.

Structure of the Day

  1. Review Session: Assess what you currently do to measure your impact, if anything

  2. Priorities Session: Agree the audiences for your impact information: e.g. Funders, Trustees, Managers, etc

  3. Outcome Discovery Session: Identify the outcomes your work achieves. Techniques can include a mix of: Theory of Change Workshop with frontline staff, Review of successful funding applications and contracts, Review of Industry-recognised outcomes, Focus Groups & Interviews with Beneficiaries

  4. Proof Of Impact Session: Identify the Indicators and Survey Questions which prove the extent to which impact is being achieved. Deciding the frequency with which they will be asked to each group of beneficiaries and stakeholders

  5. Survey Setup Session: Add your outcomes, indicators and survey questions to the Makerble online system

  6. System Training Session: Show your team how to use the online system to collect, view and report on survey responses

  7. Summary Session: Recap the content of the day and provide training resources so that your colleagues have materials reminding them of what has been covered during the day and instructions for how to use the online system

What’s Included

The Impact Measurement 1-Day-Makeover is designed for one programme at a time. If your organisation runs multiple programmes with different outcomes, we might find that more than one day is required. In that case, we will provide any additional days that you require at the same price of £400/day

This price includes a one year licence to use the system for organisations with a turnover below £100,000. After that first year the cost will be £10/project/month or you can apply for a free pass if that is unaffordable for you.

If your turnover is above £100,000 and you decide to use the system as the primary database for all of your organisation’s programmes, you will have to upgrade and pay the monthly price appropriate for your income as detailed on our pricing page.