Our mission is to help everyone change the world faster

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Connected, we can change our world faster

At Makerble our mission is to make the world a better place faster. We believe that people are inherently good and that to catalyse change, we simply need to overcome the barriers which prevent progress from happening. Find out how we do it and become part of the solution.


  • Most nonprofit grant applications to funders are unsuccessful, amounting to  hours, days and weeks of wasted time per nonprofit.
  • Imagine if that time could be spent creating change rather than chasing money.
  • On Makerble, funders receive notifications when projects match their interests and requirements.
  • This reduces the time wasted on unsuccessful grant applications.

SHARe what works and what doesn't

  • Front line staff and volunteers within charities have valuable insight into how to make projects more impactful but often those ideas go unheard.
  • On Makerble anyone can share Insights and make them available internally within their nonprofit or selectively share them among their partners, with their funders and even more broadly so that nonprofits around the world tackling similar issues can benefit from each others' lessons learned. 

unlock the world's generosity

  • In the UK £665million is the extra amount that people would give to charity if they believed their donations would have an impact.
  • In America, the amount that would be given is $20billion.
  • On Makerble, you receive notifications of stories and impact directly from the people on the frontline working on your projects.
  • Follow projects, then give when you're ready. That way you know your money will genuinely be effective rather than disappear.