Why track your impact?

Here are some benefits of taking your impact seriously and the pitfalls of failing to do so.


grow your income

  • You can use your impact to grow your income

  • Funders and Donors are increasingly interested in the difference their grants and donations make to society

  • By demonstrating your impact you can prove to existing funders that you deserve follow-on funding and you can attract new supporters by showcasing the difference you make.


  • It's difficult to improve something when you don't know where you are now

  • When you track your impact you get an accurate picture of what does and does not work

  • Using this real-time insight you can intervene early and identify ideas which improve your programme design and programme engagement

  • Early intervention can prevent projects from over-running and prevent contracts from missing their deliverables

  • Ultimately it means that you achieve the outcomes you set out to achieve for the beneficiaries you care about


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SAVE TIME and money

  • The reality is that you are already being called upon to report on your impact to the funders and donors you have

  • Rather than rushing around for information at the last minute, you can have a system in place which enables you to monitor the progress you are making towards your impact.

  • Tracking your impact in a little and often sense saves time in the long-run and puts your organisation on a stronger footing when applying for grants in the future.

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