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If you work with charities, funders, commissioners, sustainability initiatives or social enterprises, we are keen to hear from you. We would love to discuss working with you as a Consulting Partner and/or as a Referral Partner.

Consulting Partners

Our Consulting Partners deliver packages of support to organisations across one or more of the phases of an organisation's impact journey on Makerble.

Why we partner

We find that organisations often come to us wanting to use our technology but actually requiring some work beforehand identifying their outcomes and indicators. For this reason we want to work with partners who specialise in this kind of work so that we can refer those organisations to you.

Similarly we encounter organisations at the other end of the journey; they are using our technology to track their impact but they could be doing more to harness the data and gather insights. We are looking for partners who specialise in this area of work.

In between the two is the assistance provided to organisations to help them get setup. We can train you to become a Certified Setup Partner which means that you can set organisations up on Makerble without our help. 

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Helping organisations define their Outcomes, Indicators, Outputs, Theories of Change, Logic Models, Surveys and Impact Management framework

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Setting up an organisation's Makerble Account so that staff have the access to all the required forms, metrics and training resources they need to make the most of the system. 

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Helping organisations use data and insights from Makerble for Service Redesign, Continuous Evaluation, Strategy, Marketing and Fundraising


Referral Partners

Our Referral Partners inform their clients or members about Makerble whenever they feel it is relevant. There are multiple ways in which we can work together as referral partners.

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Informal 2-Way Referrals

If you are one of our Consulting Partners we will include you on our website and refer relevant of ours to you. You can do the same and in this way we will refer clients to each other as appropriate.

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Discounts for your members

If you are an umbrella body we can offer a discount to your members which gives them access to Makerble at a fixed or reduced price.

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Referral fees tiered by revenue

If you need to factor in your own organisation's sustainability into a decision about referring your members or clients to Makerble, we can provide you with a referral fee for every organisation that you successfully refer.


Other Partners

Commissioners and Funders

If you are a commissioner or funder, you can benefit from having every organisation you work with using the same system to report their progress back to you. Integrations with other systems are available. 

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Content Publishers

If you have taxonomies of outcomes and indicators we can help you upload them onto Makerble so that they can available for charities to use. You can choose whether the resources you upload are available for free or for a fee.

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