Mission Alignment

We help social change organisations transition from good to great by aligning each of your staff with all of your mission

We work alongside you to create an internal programme of dialogue and discovery around your mission so that your staff feel pride and ownership in your mission rather than seeing it as something that hampers them from doing what they already do



We take the time to hear staff perspectives on what the organisation stands for, what sets it apart, why they come to work everyday and the difference you make in the world.



We analyse your existing data and enable staff to view and discuss trends themselves. We conduct stakeholder engagement and additional data collection as needed so your thinking around mission is data-informed.



We facilitate workshops that draw together themes from the listening exercises. We encourage staff to share ideas about how existing programmes can be optimised to achieve your shared mission.

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Unlock more of your organisation’s potential

Who this is for

Mission Alignment is a step on every organisation’s development journey. Perhaps some or all of these attributes relate to you:

  • Your organisation is already generating strong results

  • But you believe that more is possible

  • Your mission sits in the background rather than being at the forefront of decision-making around what you do

  • You struggle to tie a common thread between the programmes and services you run




Income increases as you deepen your understanding of what motivates your audience and combine that knowledge with real-time insight into the extent to which you deliver on that proposition. This is what it means to be mission aligned.

  • A mission-focused lens makes your marketing more impactful, leading to:

    • Higher ROI

    • Increased Revenue from

      • Funders

      • Corporate Sponsors

      • Earned Income from entrepreneurial activity

  • A mission-focused lens has a positive effect on your programme and service design. Your programmes and services become:

    • More Attractive

    • More Impactful

    • More Renown

    • And attract greater funding

Our Process

We use a roadmap to accelerate your organisation towards its full potential - greater revenue, greater impact and greater legacy


Find Out More

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Matt Kepple, Chief Executive at Makerble, leads our Mission Alignment practice. He facilitates monthly workshops which bring senior leaders, mid-level managers and young people together to co-create ideas for new businesses. He has worked in advertising, government strategy, social enterprise and charities. As a trustee of a children’s hospice Matt is comfortable with conversations at board-level whilst being able to listen to and work with staff across the organisation, as well as volunteers and service users.

Email: matt@makerble.com Phone: +44 (0) 7950 421 815 Skype: makerble

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