New Audience Discovery that fuels growth

Your audience of potential supporters is bigger than you think. At Makerble we use social research and design thinking to identify growth opportunities for your organisation, campaigns, products and services. We offer New Audience Discovery consulting and training.

Revenue Streams

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Expanding your audience, in particular your individual giving audience, enables you to increase your charity’s income, especially your unrestricted income.

  • On average, nonprofit organisations value unrestricted income twice as much as restricted income (Civil Society)

  • Recent growth in charity sector overall income is largely due to increases in giving from individuals (NCVO)

  • Unrestricted giving allows excellent organisations to invest in areas outside programming and to target equally important aspects such as their profile and own development (The Guardian)

Audience Tiers

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  • Current Audience: these are your existing financial supporters, social media followers, newsletter subscribers, event attendees and anyone else who likes your organisation’s work.

  • Cause Champions: these are the people who do not support your organisation but they believe in the importance of the problems you are solving. These people might already be donating to other charities related to your work or they might not be donating to anything in your area at all. These people might share demographic traits with your current audience. You could consider this to be your ‘low hanging fruit’.

  • Mainstream Audience: the mainstream audience includes people for whom your headline cause is not their priority. However that is not to say that they cannot be persuaded to support your work. Our work with you enables you to identify the insights and hooks which make your work appealing to broader audiences.

Our Clients

What clients have said:

“Enabled me to look clearly at our charity and work out what works best for us”

“Productive exercises with fantastic results. Could have kept going for hours!”

“I came away with so many new ideas to bring back to our organisation”

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Our Process

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1. AUDIENCES: We begin by identifying your potential audience segments.

We analyse your current audience, characterise the cause champions within your sector and identify the subsets of the mainstream audience that will be relevant to you.

2. INSIGHTS: We use social research methods such as focus groups and surveys to understand more about your potential target audience segments.

We look for the core beliefs, values and mindsets which complement aspects of your work you have not yet harnessed the full fundraising potential of.

3. SOFT TESTING: We work with you to develop new messaging for campaigns and appeals which can be tested in focus groups with people from your new target audiences.

4. EVALUATION: We test your finished collateral to understand which aspects of it people are reacting to in which ways.

We take these learnings into the next round of testing.

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Talk to us

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Matt Kepple has won awards for his work to introduce charitable causes to new audiences. Before starting Makerble, Matt worked with The Fairtrade Foundation and World Vision on projects to increase awareness and income from new market segments. Matt began working in advertising for the London-based agency, Delaney Lund Knox Warren before working at several agencies including Forster For Change and the Strategic Consulting arm of the government’s Central Office of Information for clients such as The Department of Health, UK Sport and McCain.

Email: Phone: +44 (0) 7950 421 815