When organisations understand their impact, they gain the insight to improve their programmes and increase the difference they make to people’s lives


Our Approach

We take a thorough approach to data collection and analysis when conducting evaluations.

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Our Methods

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Theory of Change

Your Theory of Change is a way to think through and visualise your impact strategy. We can create a Theory of Change for your organisation and for each programme you run

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  • Interviews

  • Focus groups

  • Literature reviews

  • Desk research

  • Ethnographic studies

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  • Surveys

  • Data Analysis

  • Statistical Analysis

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Continuous Learning

We work with you to make Impact Measurement something that your organisation is excited about rather than something which feels like a chore.

We support you to communicate the positive effects of impact measurement and cultivate a culture of learning and iteration, rather than one of mundane measurement.

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Evaluation Challenges

We have worked with several organisations to address the common challenges which arise when you seek to measure your impact.

  • Causality and Attribution: to what extent can we claim to have been responsible for achieving a particular impact?

  • Performance against Benchmark: To what extent do we need to distinguish between the outcomes we have achieved versus what would have happened anyway?

  • Distance Travelled: is it necessary for us to conduct a before and after survey with every beneficiary, service user and stakeholder? Is it always appropriate to capture this information and how can we capture it in a way that does not interfere with

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Client Testimonials

Our Team

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Matt Kepple worked in consulting, market research and advertising before a stint in the nonprofit and social enterprise sector. He is good at helping teams move between the operational details and the big picture.

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Annabel Dickson has worked across a range of charitable causes from homelessness to climate change. Her wealth of experience with major donors enables her to view impact through the lens of strategic philanthropy.

Our Clients

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Our Case Studies


Impact Maturity

In addition to conducting evaluations, we provide capacity building services which help organisations improve their approach to impact measurement

impact maturity

Equipping you to improve your organisation’s approach to impact measurement

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Workshops that harness the insights, expertise and experience of staff, service users, trustees and volunteers