Theory of Change

At Makerble we use the 'change process' to demonstrate the difference you make in the world

It as a practical way to think through your Theory of Change

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No matter what kind of difference your project is working towards, it will involve a process. Makerble will help you chart yours.

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First of all you will do things, implement ideas; in other words, run one or more Activities on on or more occasions.

Examples of things you can track:

  • The number of sessions you run of each type
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People will hopefully participate in your Activities; that's the Participation you can track.

Examples of things you can track:

  • Number of Attendees at each session
  • Age, Gender and demographic splits
  • Who attended specifically

As a result of of participating in your activities, the people you are hoping to change - whom we call your Participants - begin to change.

The Three Stages of Change

(Our clients find this easier to understand and more practically useful than terms like short, medium and long-term outcomes)

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change in how people think

Change always begins in the mind. You always start by changing what people know or understand.

E.g. You can track whether there has been a Change in:

  • Ability
  • Attitude
  • Knowledge
  • Beliefs
  • Capacity
  • Feelings
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change in what people do

And then it becomes something people do once or on an ongoing basis as a new habit.

E.g. You can track whether there has been a Change in:

  • What someone does
  • Uptake of a habit
  • Government policy
  • Company policy
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change in what people have 

Until finally, as a result of doing new things, people have better health, more money, better relationships, safer streets, etc.

E.g. You can track whether there has been a Change in:

  • Wellbeing
  • Savings to the Economy

Makerble's client services team helps you think through your Theory of Change

Makerble's technology gives you the tools to tell the full story of the difference you make 

Every project on Makerble has its own Change Process that displays the progress of all your participants. You now have the power to truly quantify the difference you make.

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But it doesn't stop there. Every project has its Timeline Of Stories packed full of pictures, videos, audio clips and anecdotes which beautifully bring to life the difference you make

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You no longer have to choose between tracking outcomes and sharing stories

Speak to someone on our friendly team to find out how you can track the Change you make