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Bring your vision to life

Prototyperble by Makerble gives you the building blocks to quickly create a digital platform powered by a database you can customise, functionality you control and a familiar intuitive social-media-inspired user journey your clients will love.

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Right To Succeed are using our platform to build their new data and insights portal for public sector commissioners, head teachers and teaching professionals.


A youth engagement charity built a skills development portal for young people using our platform.


We created a fundraising platform for a challenge event using technology from our platform.


With an extensive set of features to play with, the only limit to what you can do with Makerble Blocks is your imagination.

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User Profiles & Sharing



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Surveys & Assessments

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Projects & Campaigns

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Grouped Projects

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Customisable Fields & Forms


Contacts & CRM


Posts, Comments and Likes


Tasks & Reminders

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Customisable Metrics

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Targets & Progress Bars

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Analytics & Charts


Chat Messaging

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Payments & Subscriptions


Vouchers & Gift Cards


Polls & Voting


Petitions & E-Campaigning

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Explore & Advanced Search


We work with you across the three phases of bringing your vision to life.


  • User Journeys

  • Focus Groups

  • User Interviews

  • Desk Research

  • Business Case

build & iterate

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  • Minimum Viable Product

  • Development Sprints

  • Agile Workflow

  • User Analytics to gain insights


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  • Logo Design

  • UI Design

  • Mobile App & Mobile Responsive Design

  • Messaging & Communications Plan


  • Avoid delays: Tech projects are often delayed because programmers often underestimate the time required to build new functionality. With Makerble Blocks you are primarily using existing functionality. This means that we can create a working prototype of your platform much faster than a traditional development agency.

  • Tried and tested: Makerble Blocks is based on the same user experience as the Makerble donations platform and Impact Analytics platform which have been used by hundreds of organisations. This means that you benefit from our insight into how to leverage technology to influence people’s behaviour.

  • Save time and money: Rather than building the core functionality of your platform from scratch and needing to go through the tedious process of bug testing, loading time optimisation and other performance improvements; you can begin with a flying start. Makerble Blocks has already undergone extensive bug testing and is continuously maintained which means that you can focus on bringing your vision to life rather than overcoming technical hurdles.



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