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Inspire service users to track their own progress

With demand for services showing no signs of slowing down and uptake in mobile technology continuing to rise, it is critical for nonprofits and public services to empower service users to take more ownership of the work being done to improve their lives.


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Demand for services has risen in recent years and is only set to continue rising

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People are becoming increasingly obsessed with personal progress data

  • Quantified self makes use of many different technologies to record data from different aspects of your life. (The Futures Platform)

  • The last several years have marked the rise of the Internet of Things and Big Data. These trends enabled individuals to gain unprecedented insights into their own daily behaviours through self-quantification technologies, ultimately empowering them to make healthier daily decisions. (WIRED)

  • The potential that all this technical innovation has and the visibility and control it can give consumers when it comes to their physical health is clear – it can actually keep people alive for longer. (Trend Monitor)

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You can create a tailored Activity Tracker for your participants

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Don’t leave your participants behind

Make your service more inclusive by enabling people to access a layer of support, outside of your normal working hours.

Use the data people are sharing with you to inform who you prioritise and the design of your services.


Don’t get left behind as an organisation

People will turn to the modes of help which are most convenient to them, whether that’s a WhatsApp Group, mobile app from a private sector company or other sources of data.

You can maintain your relevance by engaging with people in the digital manner that they find convenient.


Create a valuable source of data for researchers

Whether your organisation is directly involved in research or not, the data you will amass through a customised Activity Tracker will provide your sector with valuable insight into the trends and patterns related to the people you work with.


Introducing Makerble’s Activity Tracker App Studio

Our Activity Tracker App Studio combines our design thinking approach to service design with our white-label technology platform. This gives us the freedom to work with you cost-effectively to produce a customised Activity Tracker app for web and/or mobile, complete with your own branding, look & feel and custom goals, tips and reminders.

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How your activity tracker works FOR participants

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Once you have decided what you want your service users to track, they can easily log their daily, weekly or monthly progress.

This can include numerical progress, progress along a scale, anecdotes and other content people wish to add to their journal - pictures, videos, links.

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Based on the progress that people have logged, you can set the algorithm to recommend certain “Tips” to your service users. These could be:

  • Helpful articles and videos

  • Suggestions and questions from other people within your community

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You and your service users will see personalised progress in real-time. This will displayed with progress bars, charts and badges.

You can further analyse your data and look for trends and insights.


Our App Studio Process

Throughout the entire process we include your participants so that their lived experience informs and guides the development.

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Considerations when creating Activity Trackers


Are people happy to share their data with us?

People are willing to share their data with organisations they trust, especially when you can tell them that their anonymised data will be used by researchers to help improve things on a larger scale.


Does this mean we are scrapping our existing provision?

No. An Activity Tracker complements and actually enhances existing provision by giving you additional data with which you can personalise your service and identify which people are in the greatest need in any given moment.

3rd consideration

Can we integrate the data into our database or export it for further analysis?

Yes. If you use a database such as Salesforce which has open APIs, we can integrate the two systems so that your staff can still use your existing database to manage service users.


Getting Started

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Contact Matt Kepple, Chief Executive at Makerble, to arrange an exploratory call or meeting. Matt has worked with charities, government departments, social enterprises, brands and advertising agencies to generate ideas which impact people’s lives.

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