Welcome to your hub for Peer Outreach Workers

The Greater London Authority uses Makerble’s Impact Hub to manage the Peer Outreach Workers programme

Scroll down to find out how to add your projects

Start by joining the hub in 3 easy steps

1. create a personal account on makerble

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  • Go to www.makerble.com/user-sign-up

  • Provide your name

  • Email address

  • Create a password

  • Add a picture to make it easier for Sara and other ambassadors to find you

2. tell BECS PALMER you have joined

  • Email Becs Palmer at the GLA to let her know you have created your personal account on Makerble

3. wait for THE email inviting you to join

My projects makerble.png
  • You will receive an email informing you that you have been added to the Peer Outreach Workers hub

  • You might need to logout and then log back into Makerble in order to see it


A quick introduction to your Personal Account in the hub

1. NEWsfeed

Screen Shot 2018-10-04 at 12.13.32.png
  • Your newsfeed contains all the Updates from all the programmes you work on

  • Updates can contain: text, pictures, videos and metrics

  • You can tag your Contacts in your updates too if the update is about them


my projects makerble 2.png
  • Each of your projects has its own page showing all the Updates related to it

  • In the top menu is the Projects button that shows you all the projects you are working on



Screen Shot 2018-10-04 at 12.07.10.png
  • Your Contacts are any individual beneficiaries whose details you need to record. E.g.

    • An individual who is being helped by your project

    • Somebody who answers a survey


How to add new Projects

my projects makerble 2.png
  • Click the red Make New button in the top menu

  • Select Make A Project

  • Enter a description of the project

  • Add a cover image for the project

  • Add team members to your project as Reporters

  • Press Save

How to add new Contacts

SFSC Make a Contact.png
  • In the top menu, select Make New

  • Select Make A Contact

  • Tick the project(s) of yours that you want to add that contact to

  • Click Save

  • The lower left side of your newsfeed has a section called Contacts which lists when you last tagged each Contact in an Update

How to post Updates

Update - create new - default.png
  • Each week’s attendance is logged in the system as an Update

  • Click Make New in the top right corner

  • Select Make An Update

  • Select Register from the dropdown list

  • Tick off the parents who attended this week

  • Press Publish. That’s it.

  • You can do back-dated register updates by changing the date at the bottom of the Update form

How to include survey responses in an Update

Screen Shot 2018-10-04 at 12.26.53.png
  • You can add people’s responses to surveys easily by creating an Update and choosing the Survey form

  • Click Make New in the top menu

  • Select Make An Update

  • Select the particular survey you are using

  • To add in the answers for one person at a time, select One Contact, choose Display as Survey Questions and select the name of the person from the dropdown list

  • Press Publish once you have finished

4 Ways To Get Help


Download the training session slides

Click to Download


When signed in, click Help in the top menu.

When signed out, click Help in the footer menu.


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When signed in, click the purple tab in the bottom right corner of each page called "Need any help?"


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Email us on hello@makerble.com

Call us on 020 8123 6253