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Longitudinal research that doesn’t feel like research

Inspired by the likes of Fitbit, we have created a beautiful, interactive and highly customisable digital platform which allows researchers to conduct engaging longitudinal research studies over the time period of your choice.

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Increase engagement levels in your longitudinal studies

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  • Respondents see real-time feedback with their own data

  • Respondents can personalise their Board with background pictures so it feels less like research

  • Show respondents how they compare against the cohort average at the end of the study

  • Respondents get to keep their results and can even opt to continue using the platform independent of the research study

  • You can automatically reward respondents by providing them with tailored tips and recommendations based on their data



  • See the live data in real-time as soon as it is collected

  • Ask questions about specific data points. Respondents receive notifications telling them there is a question.

  • Assign additional tasks to respondents related to a particular metric being measured

  • Choose whether to allow people in the same cohort to connect during or after the research study

  • Add gamification layers that encourage or incentivise respondents to reach a certain threshold of posts per day

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  • Allow respondents to connect their wearable device to the research study so that their sleep data, step data or any other data is automatically imported into their Board

  • Trackerble is a Device Agnostic mobile responsive web app which means that it runs any web browser on a phone, tablet, laptop or computer

  • Custom integrations are possible with the Makerble APIs


Research studies that are easy to setup

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step 1: design your master board

  • Intuitive step by step process

  • Create metrics to add to your board - choose from multiple input types:

    • Numbers with units (e.g. Distance in Miles)

    • Qualitative scales (e.g. Likert)

    • Binary indicators (i.e. Yes or No)

  • Metrics you add to the Master Board are automatically synced to all the Respondent Boards

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step 2: send respondents joining instructions

  • Each respondent has their own login which takes them to their personal Respondent Board

  • Respondents can opt to login with Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc which gives you an additional way to collect supplementary profile data about each respondent

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step 3: sit back and watch your data feed

  • See a newsfeed of all the responses from each respondent in real-time as they are posted

  • Directly comment on each data point with a question if further clarification is required

  • Assign tasks to respondents


How We Work

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Out-of-the-box Respondent Boards

£500 setup fee


Volume discounts apply

To get started, see a demo or have a no-obligation chat about your research study, contact us.

Matt Kepple | CEO

020 8123 6253

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Bespoke research technology

We understand technology, we are passionate about pleasant user experiences and we care about good quality research. We will work with you to create a bespoke technology solution - e.g. web-based, device agnostic mobile web app, native mobile app or other - which meets the needs of your study whilst feeling intuitive in the hands, ears and touch points of your respondents.

Matt Kepple | CEO

020 8123 6253