Welcome to your hub for Strengthening Families, Strengthening Communities

Race Equality Foundation uses Makerble’s Impact Hub to manage the Strengthening Families, Strengthening Communities programme

Scroll down to find out how to register your programme

Start by joining the hub in 3 easy steps

1. create a personal account on makerble

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  • Go to www.makerble.com/user-sign-up

  • Provide your name

  • Email address

  • Create a password

  • Add a picture to make it easier for Sara and other ambassadors to find you

2. tell JADE BRIANT you have joined

  • Email Jade Briant at Race Equality Foundation letting her know you have created your personal account on Makerble

3. wait for THE email inviting you to join

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  • You will receive an email informing you that you have been added to Race Equality Foundation’s hub

  • You might need to logout and then log back into Makerble in order to see it


A quick introduction to your Personal Account in the hub

A. NEWsfeed

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  • Each time you complete the register, it is called an Update

  • Each time a questionnaire response is uploaded, it is called an Update

  • Your newsfeed contains all the Updates from all the programmes you work on


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  • In the hub, each programme is called a project

  • In the top menu is a Projects button that shows you all the projects you are working on

  • Each project has its own page with a summary of your Updates



Screen Shot 2018-10-04 at 12.07.10.png
  • Each parent you work with is saved as a Contact

  • On the lower left side of your newsfeed is a section called Contacts

  • It lists the parents you work with and when you last included them in an Update


The 4 Things You Need To Know

Download the 4 steps as a one page PDF document: Download here.

1 of 4. How to register your programme

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  • We have replaced our Google Form with a New Project form

  • In the hub, programmes are called projects

  • Click the red Make New button in the top menu on the right

  • Select Make A Project

  • Choose Strengthening Families, Strengthening Communities from the project category list

  • Enter the information about your programme

  • Press Save

2 of 4. How to upload your completed parent registration forms

SFSC Make a Contact.png
  • We have replaced our paper records for each parent with digital records called Contacts. Each parent is now stored in the hub as a Contact

  • The information from the Parent Registration Form is now available when you create a Contact

  • In the top menu, select Make New

  • Select Make A Contact

  • Select Parent from the dropdown list

  • Complete the form using the information provided by each parent

  • Tick your project to add the parent to your programme

  • Click Save

3 of 4. How to complete the register each week

Screen Shot 2018-10-04 at 11.53.21.png
  • We have replaced the paper register with a digital register

  • Each week’s attendance is logged in the system as an Update

  • Click Make New in the top right corner

  • Select Make An Update

  • Select Register from the dropdown list

  • Tick off the parents who attended this week

  • Press Publish. That’s it.

  • You can do back-dated register updates by changing the date at the bottom of the Update form

4 of 4. How to upload your completed pre- and post-programme questionnaires

Screen Shot 2018-10-04 at 12.26.53.png
  • We have replaced our paper questionnaires with a digital survey

  • Click Make New in the top menu

  • Select Make An Update

  • Select Pre-programme questionnaire

  • To add in the answers for one person at a time, select One Contact, choose Display as Survey Questions and select the name of the parent from the dropdown list

  • Press Publish once you have finished

How to get additional help when you need it

Help pages

When you are signed in, in the top menu on Makerble is a Help button. Click it to be directed to the Help Centre where you can find Help for Reporters - this will apply to you.

Help chat

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In the bottom right corner of every page on Makerble is a purple tab called "Need any help?". Click it to begin chatting with one of our Customer Service staff

Send an email or call us

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You can email us on hello@makerble.com or call us on 020 8123 6253