The Makerble Impact Tracker

Makerble is many things - a social enterprise, a brand, an idea!

We want to change the world … just faster. That’s why we launched our latest software, the Makerble Impact Tracker!

Simply, it’s the easiest way to collect, collate and communicate your project’s impact. We spent time listening to great ideas from hundreds of charities and it soon became obvious what was needed. So, since then, our team has worked tirelessly to build a truly awesome ‘Impact Tracker’ that works for organisations of all shapes, sizes, and causes.

Each of your volunteers, colleagues and managers can log in to record the progress they’re making towards your organisation’s activities, outcomes and impact. It’s as easy to use as Facebook, and lets you avoid all the admin headache that comes with migrating information across the several different systems (often spreadsheets) you’re using!

The Makerble Impact Tracker it is fun, interactive and doesn’t break the bank. It’s accessible from anywhere in the world - whether you’re in the comfort of your home, office or even out in the field! Of course, there's also the option to use Makerble on your computer or your mobile.

Use Makerble Impact Tracker across all of your inspiring work; be it at the local, national or international level. Just create and customise your projects, plug in your own qualitative and quantitative metrics and watch your progress flow. 

So sign-up here and let us free up your resources, so you can spend more time changing the world!