The Seven Steps To Impact Measurement

Take advantage of our step by step process that equips you to guide your team through deciding what you need to measure, when, how and why

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The Building Blocks of Measurement

Data comes in all shapes and sizes. We work with you to capture what you need, in a format you can store, present and analyse with minimal effort

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yes or no

Collect binary data where the only two options are yes or no

qualitative scales

Create your own qualitative scales or use industry-tested scales such as the Likert Scale


Collect numbers that relate to individuals, e.g. height, weight, income. Assign units to values as necessary


Introducing the Change Process

We use the Change Process to identify a logical set of metrics that show you your progress towards the change you are creating

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The Impact Maturity Curve

Good measurement doesn’t happen overnight. We understand the journey that organisations go on to become adept at measuring, monitoring and evaluating

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