Case Study: Friends of the Earth


Friends of the Earth UK runs several high profile campaigns tackling issues ranging from Clean Air to Bees. A new team within Friends of the Earth is looking at how the organisation can influence industry more generally to adopt sustainable business practices.



The team had an idea of what they wanted to achieve in the long-term and in a lean experimental fashion had started with a pilot project to help take them there. However the team needed to know how to measure the extent to which this pilot project was helping them achieve the change they wanted to see in the world.



We ran Part 1 of our Makerble Impact Exploration Workshop which focuses on Defining The Strategy For Impact. We started by clarifying the big picture. For each stakeholder group we worked back from the big picture to identify the corporate and human behaviours that were needed to achieve the desired change. From there we spotted the barriers to overcome and ultimately the mix of activities, projects and initiatives that would deal with those.

Screen Shot 2018-06-29 at 18.08.22.png



The workshop gave the team a clear strategy for creating the change they want to see in the world. They are now redesigning their programme in line with the strategy and will be putting it in place in Q1 2018. We will conduct Part 2 of our workshop later this year to give the team robust KPIs with which to track the impact of their new suite of programmes.