Outcome Discovery: discover the difference you make

It can be difficult to identify the difference you make. Or in other words, the outcomes your work achieves. This is where Makerble helps. We group outcomes into three distinct categories which allow everyone from your funders through to your colleagues, partners and beneficiaries to easily understand, discuss and contribute towards the way you think about your impact.

Where Makerble helps

Use our Services to discover your outcomes


We help you discover your outcomes in four ways:

  1. Theory of Change Workshops to unlock your team's insights and experience related to the impact you make
  2. Classic research methods such as Interviews, Focus Groups and Surveys to identify the impact you make by speaking to your beneficiaries and stakeholders directly
  3.  Identification of existing outcome frameworks related to your work already in use by organisations within your sector
  4. Reviewing and linking your various funders' outcome requirements 
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Choose whether you would prefer Workshops working with your team, Consulting whereby we take most of the work off your hands or Impact Coaching which involves us guiding you through these steps at your own flexible pace; or a mix of all the above.

Use our Technology to track your outcomes

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We enable you to view and track your outcomes in two ways:

1. Create a visual Theory of Change based on the outcomes your work is achieving

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2. Tag outcomes in specific stories and then easily find all the stories which are tagged with that outcome



Get Started with Outcome Discovery

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Unsure where to start? Our Client Services team are on standby to help you pick the right combination of services and technology to discover and track your outcomes.

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Ready to dive in and begin tracking your outcomes? Create a free trial account on Makerble or arrange a demo to have all your questions answered.