Simplify Case Management

A private profile for each contact

  • Create a profile for each service user, beneficiary and client

  • This is a private profile and you can choose exactly who on your team has access to it

  • From a GDPR perspective:

    • You can indicate on each contact’s profile when they gave you consent and you can upload a scanned image of the consent form

Contact privacy.png

Add case notes for each case

  • Your contacts can be part of as many cases as you need them to be

  • On Makerble, each case will be a project

  • You can add a range of content to your case notes:

    • Text

    • Attachments of any file type: Documents, Images, Videos, Audio Files, etc

Manage all your contacts from one place

  • On Makerble you can see all your contacts

  • See at a glance the cases, projects and services that each contact is involved in

  • Add contacts into groups to make management easier

Contacts MANAGE  2.png

If you would like to discuss how you could use Makerble for case management, get in touch with us for a no obligation phone call.