Take A Weekly Register

It is easy to collect a Register on Makerble

Makerble gives you a simple form with which you just tick off who was at the session

Update - Create new - binary.png

Each dated entry in the register is saved as a separate Update on Makerble.

If you need to backdate an Update to post a register entry for a previous date, you can easily change the date from the Create Update page


You can see graphs showing how attendance has varied over time

Participant - Charts makerble.png


It is easy to collect additional information when the register is being completed

  • On Makerble you can customise your surveys.

  • You will have a survey called “Register” and will be able to add additional fields to that Survey if for example you also want to record whether someone was late.

  • As standard on Makerble you can always add images, videos, files and other attachments to your Register updates

Screen Shot 2018-10-18 at 15.47.03.png

So that’s it, using Makerble as a register is easy.