Collective Expertise

Harness the best practice of the frontline workers from across the organisations you fund 


why we need to bring together our sector’s expertise:

It’s easy for funders to find themselves in a situation where they are funding the same thing that doesn’t work because lessons around what doesn’t work are not shared

And while we have plenty of conferences about big picture ideas attended by senior leaders within organisations, there is very little convening at a frontline staff level


Tips are a shareable form of content that allow frontline workers to post their expertise. Tips can be tagged with the specific context they relate to:

  • Demographic groups

  • Particular outcomes and causes

Tips can be Lessons Learned (i.e. things that did not work), Ideas That Worked or Insights. People can:

  • Save their favourite Tips

  • Comment on them

  • Contact the publisher of a Tip directly to find out more.


How It Works

We will work alongside you to create a Call for Expertise that goes out to the organisations you fund within specific sectors.

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