Impact Data Assurance

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Our Impact Data Assurance service interrogates the impact claims made by the charities you fund and gives them a Confidence Score. Our assessment covers:

  • Questions: Are the survey questions used leading or balanced?

  • Baseline data: Are impact statements based on seeing a change over time or are they simply looking back from one point in time?

  • Sample size: What proportion of beneficiaries were engaged in the impact analysis and how was that cohort of beneficiaries chosen?


How We Work


  • Reviewing the data collection processes of the organisation making the impact claim

  • Reviewing the validity of each impact statement

  • Reviewing the surveys used

  • This not a full audit. It is a lighter assurance review

preemptive impact data assurance

  • Providing your charities with the Makerble Impact Hub which has in-built Impact Data Assurance

  • Surveys are automatically assessed to ensure questions are not balanced

  • Impact statements are automatically analysed to ensure they are referenced against baseline data for each beneficiary