Convert your cash donors into regular givers

Makerble works as a donor conversion platform used to nurture your cash donors into becoming regular givers.

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How It Works

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  • Invite your supporters to choose which of your projects they want to understand more about

  • Your supporters Follow the projects that interest them



  • Studies show that skepticism about the impact of donations is a major barrier to people donating

  • Break this barrier by filling your supporters’ Newsfeeds with updates from your colleagues on the ground about the progress being made on each project

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  • Allow supporters to choose the projects their money is going towards but maintain the option to treat the donation as an Unrestricted Gift

  • Phrase your donation amounts in ‘lifestyle terms’ that people can relate to. This helps supporters realise how much (more) they can actually afford to give, e.g. the price of a cappuccino a month


show every donor the difference their donations are making

  • Each donor has a profile filled with their favourite stories from among those you have shared

  • Makerble automatically calculates the impact of their donation by showing them the achievements that have happened in the time they have been a donor

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The Work Involved

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  1. We group your existing campaigns, programmes and services into tangible projects and bundles so that supporters can easily make sense of them

  2. We migrate your existing impact reporting processes over to Makerble or integrate with current embedded systems you use. E.g. creating forms and dashboards to replace paper forms and spreadsheets. This means that frontline staff can input data directly into Makerble; ready for fundraising staff to curate and make available for sharing.

  3. Connect to Stripe or other payment system to collect donations directly. Optionally integrate with your CRM to store donation records.



  • Content Curation: as someone responsible for fundraising you will be curating the updates that are being shared from your programmes colleagues on the frontline. You can allow certain colleagues to post their content directly.

  • Supporter Engagement: if you enable commenting on your Updates, you can allow supporters to ask questions which you and/or your colleagues can answer. There may be discussions involving multiple supporters that you can be involved in.

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Setup starts at £400 and will vary dependent on the support you require to get setup.

Ongoing Fees: £100/month platform fees which includes 1 hour of Optimisation Support each month. Depending on your choice of payment gateway, there may be processing fees applied to each transaction.

Optimisation Service: is priced at £400/day if you would like our team to review your conversion data and suggest strategies for improving your conversion rate and donation amounts.

[These are the fees for Makerble’s Donation Conversion platform. For information about our Impact Management platform which includes case management, project management and funder reporting modules, contact us or go to our Impact Reporting page.]

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