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Increase donations by personalising impact

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Donors would donate £665million more if they believed their donations would make an impact

  • Charities have the opportunity to increase donations by better communicating their impact data

  • Existing donors have capacity to give more and non-donors can be be acquired

  • There is the risk of donor attrition if charities fail to appropriately communicate their impact


You can connect every donor to the impact of their donations

(whilst maintaining unrestricted giving)

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Step 1

  • Rather than thinking in terms of fundraising appeals and capital campaigns; group your work into the programmes that you internally think of them as.

  • Create a web page for each project.

step 2:

  • Use the figures within your internally collected monitoring reports - whether they are monthly, quarterly or 6-monthly.

  • Assign an impact badge to each output and indicator. This allows you to visualise the progress in a more engaging way.

step 3:

  • Based on the time period that a donor has been following a project (and crucially, also Regularly Giving to your charity), show them the totals for each output and indicator that have been achieved within their Donation Period.

  • This creates a legitimate feeling of pride over the impact that was achieved on a project they care about during the time they have been donating to the organisation.


Our technology is designed to give donors a personalised impact experience

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  • Over 200 charities have registered on our platform

  • Managing donors since 2014

  • Winner of awards from Channel4, The RSA, Deloitte

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Interactive project pages for web and mobile

  • Beautiful template pages for your projects

  • Ability to follow projects

  • Ability to increase and manage your monthly donation

Monitoring data made beautiful

  • Content tools that make it easy to convert output and indicator figures into impact badges

  • Colourful progress bars and charts for each output and indicator

  • Ability to add pictures, videos and case studies to bring the figures to life

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Personal impact profiles that inspire pride in the charity’s achievements

  • Ready-made donor profiles

  • Ability for donors to follow and connect with other donors and/or choose to remain private

  • Personalised impact badges which are shareable on social media - turning your loyal regular givers into grassroots ambassadors

You can connect every pound to the difference it makes

Give your donors a smarter way to change the world, with you

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  • We have a simple monthly fee for the use of our platform

  • We have additional costs if you want to integrate your payment processor into our platform to enable donors to upgrade their donations in a matter of clicks

  • Talk to us to find out how we can help you retain and develop your donors