Impact Maturity

We help organisations progress along the Impact Maturity spectrum

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We help organisations improve their Impact Maturity in two ways

impact maturity audits


tailored support


The Impact Maturity Scale


Level 1: Simplify reporting

  • Record number of activities

  • Record number of participants

  • Capture stories and case studies

  • Collect anecdotes related to outcomes

  • Implement a case management system or database to manage service users


Level 2: Apply best practice

  • Identify your outcomes

  • Begin measuring them with indicators

  • Use sector-approved surveys


Level 3: Learn from and maximise impact

  • Use Before & After Surveys

  • Ask about observable behaviours in survey questions so they provide information you can learn from

  • Schedule regular reviews of impact data

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Level 4: Grow your supporter base

  • Publish a live impact dashboard

  • Regularly share with your supporters: what you have learnt from your impact results and how you are changing your practice as a result

  • Allow supporters to feel closer to the organisation by following updates about specific programmes

Case Studies


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Matt Kepple | Founder

+44 (0) 7950 421 815

Matt has worked with organisations large and small to help them report on their impact. He has worked across the spectrum of impact measurement including created Theories of Change and writing surveys through to devising structures for new databases that keep track of service users.