Our Story

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Our founder Matt Kepple started sponsoring a child while he was studying Chemistry with French, Maths and Physics at The University of Birmingham. He paid £18/month to sponsor a boy called Angel from Honduras and provide him with food, clothing and education

But after a few of months Matt could no longer afford to continue donating £18/month a month so he had to cancel his sponsorship. Frustrated, embarrassed but not undeterred, Matt had an idea: what If he asked his friends to chip in £1/month to collectively sponsor the child together?

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Matt’s friends liked the idea so over the next few weeks Matt recruited a team of student volunteers to run a campaign called Sponsor a Kid for a Quid. After 3 months, 150 students and staff had signed up to donate £1/month to collectively sponsor 10 children.

The idea won an award from Channel4 and Matt was invited to become one of The RSA’s youngest Fellows. Matt graduated and began working in a London advertising agency. Meanwhile the student volunteers continued running Sponsor a Kid for a Quid in Birmingham and Matt began wondering how to bring the idea to London

*The Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Commerce and Manufacturing

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While Matt was on a trip to Birmingham he saw a Megabus with the slogan £1 Low Cost Intercity Travel. This gave him the idea of applying the Sponsor a Kid for a Quid concept to all charities everywhere and using the slogan £1 Low Cost International Projects. This is the idea which would later became Makerble

After spending a few years as a marketing consultant, market researcher and charity manager, Matt had saved up enough and won a couple of awards which allowed him to start building Makerble in 2013. The original idea was a place online where people could find projects to give to each month and receive updates on the progress of those projects, just like child sponsorship


However not long after launch, Matt and the team quickly learned that charities were struggling to provide regular project updates. After speaking with the charities, it became clear that the problem of providing regular updates was widespread across the entire charity industry. The average charity was managing grants from 15 different funders whom they needed to provide bespoke detailed reports to and most charities were drowning under the paperwork and admin.

So we decided to do something about it and that is exactly what we have done. Makerble now provides nonprofits with a database to track the people, animals and projects they help as well as a suite of customisable dashboards that show funders the real-time impact of each of project.

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We’re starting to see our technology used by government departments, businesses and individuals to increase the success rate of their projects. Because ultimately everybody, regardless of their industry, benefits from knowing the impact of their work and understanding what they can do to achieve their goals faster.

One day, we will return to the first chapter in our story - allowing everyone to know the difference their donations make - based on the real-time impact data logged on our platform.