Case Study: Right To Succeed


Right To Succeed is a charity that works with teaching professionals and commissioners to tackle educational inequity.


Right To Succeed wanted to scale their programme of support to schools and use digital technology to do so. Specifically they wanted to enable teachers, commissioners and pupils to complete assessments digitally and in return receive insights that helped them overcome educational disadvantage.


We designed focus groups which gave Right To Succeed insight into the barriers that technology would need to overcome. We produced wireframes for how the Makerble technology stack could be used to collect assessment data and provide users with personalised dashboards. We then built a tailored platform, powered by Makerble. The platform has the capability to be preloaded with relevant assessments such as the Warwick Edinburgh Wellbeing Scale (WEMWBS and SWEMWBS) as well as assessments from the Child Outcomes Research Centre and Curee.


This platform is on track for going into use in June 2019

right to succeed HP_Small_WWIT.jpg