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Everybody benefits when your teams use Impact Analytics

Charities are experiencing the benefits of Makerble across their organisations


Benefits to Monitoring, Evaluation, Research and Learning teams

Makerble is the most flexible way to track and understand your impact

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You can use Makerble if you are just starting out with impact reporting and only collecting anecdotes, pictures and videos; through to when you have a thorough impact framework with different metrics for different funders. We support you as you improve the way you track your impact. We call it Impact Maturity

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listen to beneficiaries like never before

On Makerble you can do so much more than send surveys. Use ethnographic research methods if you want to - empower your beneficiaries to share their experiences or keep a journal by posting stories containing text, pictures, videos and audio clips. Now you can close the feedback loop.

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work with every impact framework

Makerble is a versatile platform. So whether you use Quality Standards, Outcomes, Indicators, Outputs, KPIs, Metrics, Theories of Change, Most Significant Change, Outcome Stars, Wellbeing Scales, Interviews, Focus Groups or Surveys, you can collect and organise your impact data on Makerble

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collect data without an internet connection

Our mobile and tablet app enable you to collect data offline using an Android device. Our website is also accessible from any mobile phone's web browser which means that whether you use IOS, Android or Windows, you can collect data on-the-move and in-the-moment using Makerble.

Benefits to Fundraising, Comms and Policy teams

Bring your target audience closer to the difference your organisation makes

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When you embed Makerble within your organisation, you have all the reporting data you need at your fingertips. This is because unlike other platforms, Makerble has been designed with frontline staff in mind which means that they keep the system up to date with useful, comprehensive information. Makerble has reduced the time that managers spend on reporting by 50%.

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improve donor conversion, retention and development

Makerble accelerates people through your supporter journey by bringing them closer to the difference your projects make. Invite your social media audience and newsletter subscribers to follow a selection of your projects on Makerble. Curate which stories from the frontline you wish to make public so they feel closer to the difference their donations are making and could make. Allow them to donate directly via Makerble or through your own payment gateway.

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build trust with your funders

Makerble gives you the option of giving your funders their own login to a section of your Makerble account which lets them see non-confidential parts of your impact dashboard. This level of transparency demonstrates your confidence to your funders and brings them closer to the work that you are doing which can lead to follow-on funding. 

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instant access to the content and evidence you need

On Makerble you have as many logins as you need at no extra cost which means that fundraising, comms and policy teams can access charts, case studies, pictures, videos and other evidence without needing to chase programmes colleagues for that information. Privacy settings allow sensitive beneficiary information to be hidden from view so that confidential content is not compromised. 

Benefits to Internal Communications and HR teams

Harness the goodwill and expertise of everyone within your organisation

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Raise morale and productivity

Charities are often working in challenging contexts where progress feels slow at best and impossible at worst. Makerble addresses this by showing everyone their personal progress on a small detailed scale. This celebrates their efforts, raises morale and has doubled people's productivity.

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unlock the expertise of EVERYONE ON your team

Makerble's social media style interface entices people to interact with the progress updates of their colleagues. Makerble encourages your team members to share their Ideas Implemented, Lessons Learned and Suggestions. Makerble is designed to help your people share their knowledge.